Upcoming: March 2017 WordPress Meetup

Here comes the first WordPress meetup for 2017! As always, it’s completely free (no hidden charges)!

In this meetup, we will be diving more about themes. So far we have 1 confirmed speaker. If you would like to speak (or volunteer), please reach out! Feel free to comment down below, via the form in our about us page or on our Facebook group.

Sorry for skipping January & February. I know how much we’re missing each other already. We would ❤️ more members from the WordPress community to help us run our monthly hangout.

See more details of the meetup here.

Kita kita ta!

December 2016 Meetup Sidenote

I would just like to give a shoutout of big thanks to NOW Outsourcing Services and Prior Marketing for being our sponsors in the recently concluded meet-up! It’s our first time to receive support both from foreign and our very own local businesses ❤.

NOW (http://www.nowcandoit.com) is a local outsourcing agency that offers professional digital marketing to local and international clients. They are hiring, too!

Prior Marketing (https://priormarketing.com/) is a team of innovative marketing experts that specializes in Funnel Development and Infusionsoft Automation. They are based out of Reno, Nevada, USA — a very humbling experience that we even got support from the other side the world!

Companies like them are just testaments that any size of businesses and from any where in the world are with us in giving back to WordPress and helping the community grow by supporting groups such as ours. Their support will fuel us going forward.

We’re all in this WordPress project together.
WordCamp Europe 2016

I can’t wait to share how the recent meet-up went on the next blog post. In the meantime, enjoy the gloomy weather in Davao. 🌧

P.S We’re looking for sponsors (we encourage locals) for our future meet-ups. We’d like the community to get to know businesses that use WordPress and connect our members with them, as well as learn from their business. If you’d like to reach out or know a business that you can send our way — contact us through the form in our about page.

Back to Back: Global Translation Day & 2nd Meetup

Last November 12th, our local WordPress Davao group joined together with the world for the 2nd Global WordPress Translation Day. This event was simultaneously conducted through different WordPress communities around the globe.

Global WordPress Translation Day

Global WordPress translation day is a day dedicated to bring developers and translators together in internationalizing and localizing WordPress, including its components like themes and plugins. It could be translated in English or any languages that a community can read and understand locally.

The said global event was conducted by more than 30 contributor events, organized in more than 20 countries, including the Philippines. According to the statistics released, the said event brought 780 translators together or a 74% increase of participation from the 1st global event that was held last April this same year. Overall, there were a total of 60,426 strings translated which is higher than 40,350 in April. That includes popular plugins and themes in addition to the WordPress core.

Before the proper meetup starts, Dreb met, although virtually, with the rest of the Asia/Pacific WordPress communities who joined the global translation day.

See Dreb’s interview at 36:40

2nd WordPress Davao Meetup

In another story, the WordPress community in Davao huddled around at Yellow Hauz for hours of discussion surrounding translations in WordPress. We’re glad to see a significant amount of increase of attendance from the previous meetup. The event covered both 2nd official meetup as well as participating with the Global WordPress Translation Day.

It’s indeed a day focused on translation as we learned about the importance of internationalization(i18n) and localization(l10n) in globalizing WordPress. Trivia from the meetup: l10n stands for localization, and i18n, for internationalization. Counting the number of letters between the first and the last letters in those words explains the numbers in the names. Laziness is universal, LOL! The difference between l10n and i18n is that l10n involves the linguistic adaptation of a product to a specific language or culture, and i18n involves making the functional changes to a product to make it localizable, so to say.

We’ve discovered the WordPress way to internationalize any developed plugins or themes, so it will be ready for translation by other people. We couldn’t stress enough that developers play an important role with this endeavor; making every plugin or theme developed to adapt i18n, it will be easier for them to be translated in any local languages (localized) — which normally done by translators

The biggest success was showing the local community the importance of why we’re doing this group effort of translating WordPress.

Here’s the slides to our 2nd meetup:

WordPress Davao Translation Day PDF

Meet, Greet, Socializing and EATING!

While filling in our stomach with pica-pica platter snacks, we also had an open conversation, and we’re happy to see member’s actively participating in bringing out their current challenges and taking in feedbacks from the community. There was also sharing of tools, tips and even opening up an invitation for a career opportunity for those who are still in the lookout.

Photos courtesy of our members

It was a productive meetup again for the community and our first involvement in WordPress translation day.

Until next time and see you in our 3rd meetup this December! We’ll keep you posted .

Ciao! 🙂

Meetup & WordPress Translation Day

今日は (konnichiwa)

你好 (néih hóu)

Здравствуйте! (Zdravstvujte!)

नमस्ते (namaste)



As we join the world for the Global WordPress Translation Day, let’s hangout for hours of learning about Internationalization (i18n) & Localization(l10n) in WordPress. You can find more information about this global movement here — http://wptranslationday.org/.


  • How to make your themes & plugins translation ready
  • How you can contribute by translating themes & plugins, or actually even the core.

Venue to follow 🙂

Notify us your attendance & invite your friends! http://www.meetup.com/WordPress-Davao-PH/events/235194595/


WordCamp Manila 2016

WordCamp1 is back again in the Philippines! The WordPress community in Manila organizes this year’s WordCamp Manila happening on December 10. I heard there’s only limited slots and a couple of us from WordPress Davao team will be attending for a day of learning and connecting with other WordPress users in the capital and possibly from all over the country.

1. WordCamp, in a few words, is a community-organized conference, yet informal, where WordPress technologies and users gather together and talk anything about WordPress. I’ll share next time more about WordCamp and how I battled my way to Singapore to give a talk in WordCamp Singapore 2016.

In the meantime, grab your tickets and kita-kits sa WordCamp Manila!

First Davao WordPress Meetup: Introductions and a lot more!

Last July 23rd, the Davao league of WordPress users held their first WordPress Meetup at Yellow Haus Cafe, Davao City.

The meetup was simple but it’s a good kickstart for all of us to know how we make things with WordPress and how it impacted our lives.

There are two main agendas of the meetup: 1st – to gather and meet people who have the same enthusiast about WordPress and 2nd – to talk about what WordPress is all about and its basic features and perks that everyone can take advantage of using this web platform.

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Hello Davao WordPress Users

This is the official site for a local community of WordPress developers, designers and bloggers/publishers in Davao, a lovely city in the countryside of the sunny Philippines.

This will be filled with news and events about our local meetups and WordPress updates.

If you’re in the area and looking to connect with other WordPress users – come and join us! We can’t wait to see you in one of our upcoming events!

You can find/join us in our Facebook and Meetup.com groups. 

P.S if you’re in Manila, you might also want to checkout the Philippines user group.