March 2018 Meetup: Intro to Theme Development

WordPress users are familiar with the concept of themes. They let you to customize your site and swap out functions and features as you see fit. There are loads of themes to choose from, both free and premium, that give you variety of options.

That’s why, last March 17 at DevHub Coworking Space, WordPress evangelists and newbies convened in a meetup that talked about theme development.

We WordPress.

The session started with Dreb – a web engineer from 10up and co-organizer of WP Davao, talked about what the community is all about. He also discussed about the hierarchy of WordPress Template.

Dreb’s presentation slide can be accessed here.

Basic Theme Development.

Guy Romelle Magayano, a full stack developer from Infosoft Studio talked about the fundamentals of building a theme. He also pointed out the benefits of building it from ground up and with the use of existing frameworks to make it efficient. Thus, it does not reinvent the wheel but innovate it using available tools and resources.

Guy’s slide can be found here.

Child Theme Development.

WordPress is constantly being updated every now and then due to thousands of active contributors. It can be the core, plugins and even the themes. Now, why is it important to create a child theme?

Mint Medillo, a backend developer from Dash10 shared his knowledge about the importance a child theme when customizing the website’s main (parent) theme. He showed how easily it can be created using the three essential components – child theme directory, stylesheet and functions.php

Mint’s slide can be accessed here.

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