Next Meetup Planning for WordPress 5.0

As we draw closer to the release of WordPress 5.0, I’d like us to start planning for the next meetup with focus around the upcoming major version, the ‘Twenty Nineteen’ theme & the new editor ‘Gutenberg’. Since there will be a lot of new features coming into the core, I would suggest we will have a follow-up meetup for the Gutenberg. On the first hangout, we would focus more on the general under the hood of 5.0 release, preview of Twenty Nineteen, and the user experience of the new block editor. The second meetup would be about exploring the ‘block’ concept of the editor, migrating your data from the classic interface into Gutenberg, and simple block development.

If you’ve been testing WordPress 5.0 lately and would like to share your thoughts about it, we would love to have you on our next meetup.

If you want to get involve or have any suggestions, please leave a comment below or join the discussion on our Facebook group.