WordPress February Meetup: The new editor is the non-developer user’s treat

Developers and users sharing their takes about the new editor.

February 9, 2019 — the WordPress Davao community met at the Regus workspace, Felcris Centrale branch, to discuss and explore the new WordPress editor.

I have been blogging in WordPress occasionally. This year, I decided to step up my blogging game and focus on writing more content.

I’m a copywriter, so my knowledge of code is still to HTML.

Now, as a beginner user with a minimal background in code, I found the new editor helpful.

I found it to be very empathetic to us. Thanks, WordPress team!

Having this visual editor, we knew that you’ve been thinking about the newbies.

Of course, like any other new big feature rolled out in websites, it intimidated me, at first. Also, I gave it the benefit of the doubt. However, as soon as we got around the blocks and customization options, I was impressed.

I thought, “This was made for us.” It made the editing easier because we can visualize the blog post instantly, without hitting preview every time we make a change.

It also helped that there was a theme to demonstrate it. Others may not find this helpful, but for a beginner like me, it is.

It was a successful meetup.

There’s still a lot to explore; so, I might find more things that I enjoy using and things that I find unhelpful.

Here are some key takeaways from the latest meetup:

WordPress 5.0 “Bebo”

  • Focused more on editing the content of the website.
  • Bebo comes with a new block-based editor, also known as “Gutenberg”.
  • More control with content.
  • HTML- and CSS-friendly for users.
  • Drag-and-drop content
  • Features a new default 2019 theme, which complements Bebo.

Read the release notes for WordPress 5.0 ‘Bebo’.

What’s in it for developers?

  • Developers now have more control with the output
  • They can now ensure the content structure will not be changed by any accidental code edits.
  • There is a wide collection of APIs for them.
  • The new block paradigm allows developers to innovate more solutions for user needs.
  • Developers can still keep the old editor using this plugin.

Twenty Nineteen Theme

The default theme will show off the power of the new block editor.

In a nutshell…

It’s nice to know the aim of this update is to help the users, especially those who have little to no knowledge of codes.

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October 2018 Meetup—From a First-Timer’s POV


A few moments before community time started.

New and familiar faces showed at the room. Small groups huddled on their own. Meanwhile, loners like myself leaned on my trusted social crutch—my smartphone.

A few moments later, people started pouring in. And, like clockwork, the short introductions and overviews began.

The October meetup event description promised lighthearted but informative discussions. Yet, as Dreb broke the ice, it was clear that we were oblivious to the coming meaty talks.

James Retuya started with SEO basics. Anyone who hasn’t heard about SEO would have thought he was speaking a foreign language.

Even so, for us who have a basic grasp of SEO, there was plenty to learn from his talk.

Georg Kevin Paquet, a seasoned WordPress blogger and Editor-in-Chief of Pinoy Teens Media, shared tips, anecdotes and the essentials to get started blogging with WordPress. The latter consisted of his humble days back in 2007 as a teen blogger in WordPress.

His stories, consequently, reminded me of my teen self who slaved way tweaking my Friendster theme.

Finally, Ria Jose, another seasoned blogger, wrapped the talks. She discussed blogging and writing succinctly–like a true online wordsmith.

Her directness and agreeableness embodied the thriving online whizzes of the gig economy.

Looking back, not much of a fuss preceded the October meetup. But, it was fruitful, enthusiastic, and practical.

Here are the links to the presentation slides of our speakers:

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